Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Arrrg mate you sculywag sea dog jack sparrow roger PIRATES!

Anthony Read. A.k.a. "Sealegs Weasel". Age 18.
Real name Anna-Marie Read, daughter of Paul Christopher Read.

Anna-Marie was born in England 1565, set out to find her pirate father when she hears a rumor of her father running away with a beautiful Spanish Sailor(a dude).

To avoid any inconvenience, Anna-Marie disguises herself as a man and joins a pirate ship as a recruit. On the ship, 'Gently Mad Servant', is a most charismatic and smart young captain 'William Bokins' and his 50 men. They get a nasty surprise when an 'unlucky' woman gets on board to set sail to intercept Spanish ships that may or may not carry gold.

Anna-Marie or Anthony is in charge of lowest duties on board. From scrubbing the deck to loading canon balls and few unofficial duty of catching rats. Even though the whole ship runs into numerous unfortunate events, Anna-Marie seems to get all the luck. She wins money from her mates more often than they would like. Soon she finds herself being accepted into the crew of 'Gently Mad Servant' and because of her cunning, lucky nature along with her small stature, she gets the nick name "sealegs weasel'.

Her hobbies on board are filing her nails, braiding crew member's hair and staring at the captain. As series of advanturous events unfold, Anna-Marie gets more and more facinated by the captain and gets obsessed to the point of constantly looking at him even during battle. 'Luckly' for her, she has yet to get wounded during fierce battles.

Every character design assignment, I waste good 2 weeks deciding what character to go with.
I studied disney and dreamworks feature animations mainly for the eyes. I find it hard to show the character's personality with just expressions and poses. I'd like to see the characters talking, moving, acting in different situations and interacting with other characters.

There were times I felt like I couldn'd do this right but after studying from movies, I had easier time doing it and had fun thinking of personality traits, situations, stories etc.

Overall it was fun. This assignment inpired me to research and sketch people.


  1. Awesome, man. I really like the expression in the middle of the four on the top left.

    Good character, she seems to be well thought out.

    Moustaches for everybody!

  2. Nice design, the projector in class today made it hard to see what was going on with your expressions, but they all look really nice on this blog site of yours.