Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Freedom from disney.

So I was in this place called 'library' looking for research materials. I accidently came across a book called "Outlaw Animation". While reading through interviews of animators like Craig McCracken and Don Hertzfeldt, I realized I have been chasing disney feature animation style so much that I was not using my creativity to full potential. I always considered feature animations as 'THE' goal. Now, I'm just going to have fun doing my own thing and see where my style and interest end up. Screw you disney. (please hire me later.)

This is the last time I'll use blue to shade.

Man. colour blue sucks. I can't get any good variaty of tones with it. I should've used purple.

ah.. the goodness of rush job. This is what I can do with the given time.. I'm not really sure about the light source being from the kitchen. I dont think the lighter shows well either. If I were to emphasize the lighter, I'll need to make the shadow on the kid bit darker. I'm not willing to risk that. If I need to I'll fix it up tag bit after going over it with David.

Ugh. next time the assignment requires shading and doesn't specify the field size, I'm definately picking less than 12 field.

Yet another school stuff.

The infamous Rocket 7

Painting assignment.
Last painting assignment turned out to be pure half-assed garbage so this time, I decided to stop worrying about the painting turning out to be mediocre. So I just did it..

She stood, with arrested muscles, outside his door, listening. There was a strange, heavy, and yet not loud noise. Her heart stood still. It was a soundless noise, yet rushing and powerful. Something huge, in violent, hushed motion. What was it? What in God's name was it? She ought to know. She felt that she knew the noise. She knew what it was. Yet she could not place it. She couldn't say what it was. And on and on it went, like a madness. Softly, frozen with anxiety and fear, she turned the door-handle.
-Excerpt from "The Rocking Horse Winner" by DH Lawrence

As you may be able to tell I only had the bottom painting in mind when I started this.