Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Downtown + Starbucks = Insanely exciting people sketching time.

Top right, there was a hot girl wearing red top. red is my fav colour.. hmm hmm

Next time, I should try harder to make each face look more finished.

My scanner remains to be too small.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Macdougal the Massive

Today's bits

Today's Weekly caf sketch. its alright i guess. I need to find places to exaggerate and draw out body and such.

didn't chance much. just added people.. fixed shadow a bit. I wish foreground object would stand out more :/

night scene looks bit better than before. I do like the mother bug's silhouette.. i think i adjusted contrast on this bit too much. this one looks better than the real thing.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Unfinished piece of.... something

In progress
hmm My day on planet 7 doesnt look that bad at all. I'm actually impressed..
Things to fix are.. too much mid tone, I definitely need more highlight or darktones.
add more people outside, fix the background building part.. fix the colour on the glass bridge.

Now this, I have no idea where to begin with this. This is actually the first one I painted. I'll see how long it will take me to fix the day one and I just might redo this one..
but to observe what the heck does not work..
-light source?
-colour yellow doesn't seem to belong in the red tone painting..
-the bug in front looks terrible.. more details perhaps.

This one might have a chance of survival if i do something with the yellows in there..
playing with the colours in photoshop gave me an idea to give the whole painting even darker tone to really get the mother bug's silhouette pop out.. but its already 12:30am.. I'll rest today.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Touch of Pink

Cleaned up, coloured and panned the background. In rough, the animation looked somewhat smooth but after cleaning up it got all choppy.. These sort of moments make me realize how important cleanup really is..

ps. Just watched "Samurai Jack - Jack and the Spartins" Episode..
so freakin' awesome.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Something I did for a friend. This is her as a gorilla.
photo reference used..

Caf-Sketch and Hammy Blender 5,000,000

Large Sketchbook is nice but it doesn't fit into my scanner :/
Mark suggested that we do some caf drawings. I was little hesitant since I remember the first two weeks of school, I could not draw people at all when they walk right past me. But yeah This turned out pretty well. There is also something about that tuscan red pencil.. such rich quality.. just right amount of intensity and contrast... I love it.

Sketch page numero uno. I like the black lady on the right side.

People sketch wouldn't be complete without Kai

Next we have layout. Here is some kind of blender I drew... then Leeway wanted to put his hamster in there so I made an intruction illustration for him to use it.

and of course.. the cutting board. "Who cut the Cheese?"

Sunday, January 21, 2007


After trying to come up with colour scheme, I realized I'm not quite 'amazing' at painting with gouache so I wanted to simplify things. Also added a spider :p I begining to get tired of this particular layout so I think it is wise for me to quickly get this over with without making anymore changes.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

This Will Never End..

More I draw these stuff out, I keep finding areas to change and improve.. I gotta do something about that background..

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You can only do so many same thumbnails before it kills you.

Lets start with the initial thumbnail drawing.

Top left corner. I still like it. Strong 'vine' shape and the sense of the height and scale. It's hard to capture that in the refined drawings.

Next. scribbles.

Went with a flow here. lots of things I didn't like. First of all, The main structure seems much frail and tiny. the alien plantation (aka 'vine') doesnt work in many ways. boring design, doesnt look like it can hold much weight. thats probably why the structure looks light. The building on the right (aka convenience store) haha. yah I dont want a store there. I had no idea what to do behind the pyramid(main) structure.
More scibbles.

Played with markers for the first time. Vines look weak, the building on the far right doesnt fit into the overall design.

Did this one right after. I really like how the middle triangular thing on the ground looks big. The tall building on the far left looks pretty good too. The main structure needs to be in the right perspective and I have to do something about the right building. Right now the angle is too similar to the main building and I dont like how its blocking the bridge. Too big, competes with the focus etc.. Also The shape of the vines changed too much. Lorenzo and Mai said it looks like spiderweb when I wanted to be more like roots. Need to be more vertical, straight and less curvy.. etc.

Vine Shape Study. Yes.. This seems about right.

Last thumbnails I did. Playing with people scale, background to reveal more space..
Second one I put the fallen triangle 'thing' as the focus. I kinda like it. Perhaps I will clear out some of the buildings on the side to open things up and add more plantation. perhaps change in landscape..

Good thing tim extended the due date because I want to explore more.

Suggestions and Comments keep me alive.