Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Freedom from disney.

So I was in this place called 'library' looking for research materials. I accidently came across a book called "Outlaw Animation". While reading through interviews of animators like Craig McCracken and Don Hertzfeldt, I realized I have been chasing disney feature animation style so much that I was not using my creativity to full potential. I always considered feature animations as 'THE' goal. Now, I'm just going to have fun doing my own thing and see where my style and interest end up. Screw you disney. (please hire me later.)

This is the last time I'll use blue to shade.

Man. colour blue sucks. I can't get any good variaty of tones with it. I should've used purple.

ah.. the goodness of rush job. This is what I can do with the given time.. I'm not really sure about the light source being from the kitchen. I dont think the lighter shows well either. If I were to emphasize the lighter, I'll need to make the shadow on the kid bit darker. I'm not willing to risk that. If I need to I'll fix it up tag bit after going over it with David.

Ugh. next time the assignment requires shading and doesn't specify the field size, I'm definately picking less than 12 field.

Yet another school stuff.

The infamous Rocket 7

Painting assignment.
Last painting assignment turned out to be pure half-assed garbage so this time, I decided to stop worrying about the painting turning out to be mediocre. So I just did it..

She stood, with arrested muscles, outside his door, listening. There was a strange, heavy, and yet not loud noise. Her heart stood still. It was a soundless noise, yet rushing and powerful. Something huge, in violent, hushed motion. What was it? What in God's name was it? She ought to know. She felt that she knew the noise. She knew what it was. Yet she could not place it. She couldn't say what it was. And on and on it went, like a madness. Softly, frozen with anxiety and fear, she turned the door-handle.
-Excerpt from "The Rocking Horse Winner" by DH Lawrence

As you may be able to tell I only had the bottom painting in mind when I started this.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Character Books.. Big money! now I will starve..

My goodness. I never realized how much I really sucked at character design/sketches until now. I always tried to explore within myself and never researched other materials. After browsing through now I know why my characters don't look anything special.

Hmm from now on.. less food, more books.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Rocket Ship 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 BLAST OFF!

Layout assignment - Rocket Ship 7 Launching pad.
Work in Progress. Please give suggestions.

I like the expression of the mother the most :)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Arrrg mate you sculywag sea dog jack sparrow roger PIRATES!

Anthony Read. A.k.a. "Sealegs Weasel". Age 18.
Real name Anna-Marie Read, daughter of Paul Christopher Read.

Anna-Marie was born in England 1565, set out to find her pirate father when she hears a rumor of her father running away with a beautiful Spanish Sailor(a dude).

To avoid any inconvenience, Anna-Marie disguises herself as a man and joins a pirate ship as a recruit. On the ship, 'Gently Mad Servant', is a most charismatic and smart young captain 'William Bokins' and his 50 men. They get a nasty surprise when an 'unlucky' woman gets on board to set sail to intercept Spanish ships that may or may not carry gold.

Anna-Marie or Anthony is in charge of lowest duties on board. From scrubbing the deck to loading canon balls and few unofficial duty of catching rats. Even though the whole ship runs into numerous unfortunate events, Anna-Marie seems to get all the luck. She wins money from her mates more often than they would like. Soon she finds herself being accepted into the crew of 'Gently Mad Servant' and because of her cunning, lucky nature along with her small stature, she gets the nick name "sealegs weasel'.

Her hobbies on board are filing her nails, braiding crew member's hair and staring at the captain. As series of advanturous events unfold, Anna-Marie gets more and more facinated by the captain and gets obsessed to the point of constantly looking at him even during battle. 'Luckly' for her, she has yet to get wounded during fierce battles.

Every character design assignment, I waste good 2 weeks deciding what character to go with.
I studied disney and dreamworks feature animations mainly for the eyes. I find it hard to show the character's personality with just expressions and poses. I'd like to see the characters talking, moving, acting in different situations and interacting with other characters.

There were times I felt like I couldn'd do this right but after studying from movies, I had easier time doing it and had fun thinking of personality traits, situations, stories etc.

Overall it was fun. This assignment inpired me to research and sketch people.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

ball and tail

1.Ball and Tail assignment. It think the total drawing was about 200ish.

2.Background was done with photoshop and illustrator.

3.problems I had while doing this was scale. I made the ball in the second scene little too big so I when back to Scene one and made 60 drawings bit bigger.

4. I had trouble uploading this one as well. divx 15day trial expired so i had to use other method. but I must say divx compression is by far superior than anything.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hands, Feet & crappy scanner

not good enough for A+. I usualy don't care about marks but its Thurman, dudes!
Pretty decent for rush job. I guess sometimes rush works turn out better for sketches because you just put in needed amount of details.
School scanner can be really crappy at times. I'll need to re scan these at home later.

WooooH GOODY! with 20% sarcasm!

Ball & Tail amination assignment.. so much fun :D

I have to fix:
- 10 pages of ball
- 197 pages of tail line of action
- add 197 tail shapes

this assignment cost me $12 and then some. I love killing trees.

Friday, November 10, 2006

The Royal Winter Fair - sQetches preview

I say preview because my sketchbook is big so I can't scan them properly. I'll need to use the school scanner to get full scan of cows, bulls, horses.

Anyways I filled about 10? pages worth. pretty much first time drawing life with pen and I must say it's amazing.

Out of all the animals I drew, I'd say I have most fun drawing cows and sheeps. those sheeps are so fluffy and cows.. not so much.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


stuff I did yesterday. I was trying to come up with a pirate character but couldnt think of any so I made the hook family.

then I wanted to see what all the luchador fuss was about so I drew animal luchador.
this led to me an idea to make an animal character for the assignment #3.. we'll see how that goes.
this is basic colour study. need to do more..

Monday, November 06, 2006

Monica Moth Final

Whew. I guess I'm done. I see tons of area where I can improve but time is up. I'm sure I'll get burned for lack of interesting angles and various poses. I'll do better next time. Still I'm pretty happy how she turned out. Much better than that first rough I did of her.

Time to work on painting now.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Monica Revised with added awseomness

Monica the Moth.. I guess. Nothing 100% new, but changed face structure which turned out to be much much better. I still want to push some expressions here and there but I'll think about that after I finish my poses.

book page cleaned up

Moth girl

face expressions in progress

This is my character for the character design class assignment #2.
She is a moth girl with her wings on her head. Poor but wish to live like a beautiful butter fly.
She is addicted to lights and gets high on electricity shots.

as for the actual expressions.. I will try to push them more.
Its hard to give wild expressions to a young girl with small nose without resorting to anime like feel. I try to keep facial muscles to work, while it is not visually evident, I hope it helps to keep the character looking same in every frame.