Sunday, December 10, 2006

Freedom from disney.

So I was in this place called 'library' looking for research materials. I accidently came across a book called "Outlaw Animation". While reading through interviews of animators like Craig McCracken and Don Hertzfeldt, I realized I have been chasing disney feature animation style so much that I was not using my creativity to full potential. I always considered feature animations as 'THE' goal. Now, I'm just going to have fun doing my own thing and see where my style and interest end up. Screw you disney. (please hire me later.)


  1. Haha, good post. It's always nice to travel among unchartered territory and explore.

    Now start watchin' Foster's!

    How goes the presentation btw? I don't think I have enough for my side of the argument yet, but I'm tryin'!

  2. hey its good to experiment different style. and wen an artist first starts out he or she always tends to look at sth for ref. its a good start. :) dun worr!Y

  3. Haha.. take that Mickey... Class A is coming for you.. we want our childhood back..sleep with one eye open