Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Caf-Sketch and Hammy Blender 5,000,000

Large Sketchbook is nice but it doesn't fit into my scanner :/
Mark suggested that we do some caf drawings. I was little hesitant since I remember the first two weeks of school, I could not draw people at all when they walk right past me. But yeah This turned out pretty well. There is also something about that tuscan red pencil.. such rich quality.. just right amount of intensity and contrast... I love it.

Sketch page numero uno. I like the black lady on the right side.

People sketch wouldn't be complete without Kai

Next we have layout. Here is some kind of blender I drew... then Leeway wanted to put his hamster in there so I made an intruction illustration for him to use it.

and of course.. the cutting board. "Who cut the Cheese?"

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