Sunday, March 25, 2007

Compare & Contrast


Master Copy

Scanning and changing brightness/contrast can never justify the paint's real colour so I'm not even going to bother.

I'm still at awe at the Disney background painters. I'm not sure how big this thing was painted but it sure has crazy crisp details in there.

Now that I look at them both on the same screen, I can see that I drew the perspective wrong. Maybe I should've traced it instead.

I was happy with it until I posted this. Wow, it's so different than the original. :/


  1. god damn Q this painting is amazing regardless of what you may think of it after scanning and comparing it. well done!

  2. You should still be happy with it -- it looks fantastic.

  3. thanks. it's just not very good duplication bu the painting still looks pretty good by itself :)

  4. holy fuck Kyu.. quit making me look bad... first you make me look fat as hell and now bad at painting. When will it stop. Its just unacceptable. Your inconsiderate nature disgusts me.
    Keep up the awesome work man! =P

    P.S. congrats on tha scholarship thing. You work really hard its no secret.. you definately earned it.