Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Gouache on watercolour paper and cell painting.
I lerned some good techniques from this assignment.. but also made me realize in which area I was lacking.
Also special thanks to my late night critics: The Amazing Action Ape, Hail and Zila.
Additionally, it made me happy that we certainly don't have to use cells for animation but also ashamed for we have such a easy way out.


  1. Great work all year! Glad to have had you in my class this year too! Hopefully we'll in the same prison ce...err...class next year again. Have a great summer, and see you in the fall!

  2. you are veddy welcome.
    i'm starting this.
    it feels really slow to start this.... very very slow....
    but thanks for everything!!! ^^

    for being like my brother and all that jazz ^^