Thursday, July 19, 2007

Reason why I didn't update yesterday.

I suck at go-stop.

  • I got lazy after finishing the first frame.
  • 600 dpi is really big.
  • Don't drink orange juice after biting your tongue..


  1. hahahahahahahahaha oman tooo funny~~~
    so guess what? i earned 1000+ but lost it all to one guy;;;
    he shook 2 times, go 5 times, i was pibak, and i sswa twice (or was it 3?) wth!??! i felt like super crap after... T______T all my money... horrible game. besides. and it's not your fault, that version of it is mostly by luck. the rules are all wrong. (2 pi and 3 pi does NOT entail taking from other person. should be from deck) anyway. it was stupid fun. :)

  2. oh and he also completed the bonus mission: 4x i believe. *barf