Thursday, November 08, 2007

Books Books Book from America.

My order has arrived from I'm especially liking the Art of Jon Foster.


  1. YESSSSSSS i am waiting for my copies of jon fosters........
    wad is the surf's up ? was it a dvd.

  2. congrats kyu! :P

    did it take almost forever for it all to arrive? if it didn't then i must have the worst luck when it comes to ordering books from those guys.

    ps. yes lettie lettie that is the dvd for surfs up. :|

  3. 1.
    bring jon foster's book
    this sunday.

  4. Everyone is out to get my Foster book..

    Thomps-It usually takes me 1-3 weeks.. I think I saved about 30 bucks by ordering from U.S.