Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Going to the zoo reminds me of good old summer last year. It's march break so there were families as expected. I thought having people would get in the way but it provided some entertainment as I wondered the zoo alone.

It is rare to see lions all sitting around outside in the clearing. So I was pretty excited. but I wasn't the only one.

The male lion got up to hump the female about three times.

Kid1: "What are they doing?"
Man1: "He is dominating"
Kid1: "What is dominating mommy?"
mom1: "Its a kind of dance..."

on a separate occasion I also heard..

mom2: "close your eyes."


  1. Hey man! I was hoping I would see you there but I guess not. I didnt sleep the night before so even if I passed you I might not have SEEN you haha. Speaking of dominating nice fucking lions man! I didnt get too many drawings done but holy I could feel the improvement since the summer! Im SO pumped to go this summer again! LETS DO IT!!!

  2. haha cute storyyy
    and i love them animalll drawings ; )

  3. 1.
    those lions don't look happy...