Sunday, April 06, 2008


By storyboarding on toonboom, putting together the leica took literally less than 30 minutes, excluding compiling sounds.

This leica was supposed to have dialogues but left them out. I think it flows relatively well without them but then again, its because I know the story.

There needs to be 20 panels or so to conclude the story, I'll think about finishing it after school is over.

If you don't understand what is going on, something feels jumpy, or anything at all, please let me know.


  1. nice going kyu. i thought there may have been some issues with how everything would flow from what i previously saw when posting your storyboards but it all makes sense now.

  2. Hey Kyu! Awesome man! I dunno you said in the post that there is 20 more panels to finish the story but I think it's pretty hilarious how it ends like that. Anyways i'm really feeling it man I think it reads very clear. And I like how simple the plot is nothing elaborate. Good job man.