Sunday, August 16, 2009

dance dance

another idea I'm exploring.


  1. for your film?

    you should have a DDR compeition where this kid who has no life is the master at this game and then take Katie from your other story and have her show him up. Could be lots of hilarious character animation especially with a pint size girl full of crazy dances and posing but seems all innocent.

    first thing that came to mind was Darla from Cats dont dance ha ha.

    anywho this looks cool. keep exploring it.

  2. You could have her be really clumsy about it and not know what she is doing, yet beating the kid who is a pro at it. I do like the atmosphere of the painting. Cool setting.

  3. or she's a total hustler and she plays him for all he's got and in the end she leaves wearing his rad track suit and K swiss shoes. bam! haha

  4. I just.. dont want to draw little girls for the time being..