Saturday, February 02, 2013

Can't Remember 02

Part 2 of this animation. I learned to use deformer tool in Toon Boom and I had to try it. 
I used the deformer on the pillow in the last few frames.

Rough keys in Flash CS3
Head rigged and keyed with Toon Boom Harmony.

If I were to ever end up animating the body, it might look like this..


  1. Love THIS piece! How much different is harmony than flash? Steep learning curve?

    Would love to get some pointers from you as Im just starting to do character animation. ( Learned
    flash along time ago when I was a web designer and use it for work now but more interactive stuffs. so tryin to teach myself in my free time.

    Brilliant piece and hope you finish it!

    1. Hi Mel!
      Harmony offers a lot more options when it comes to animating, masking layering etc. The learning curve isn't too steep as long as you have someone to guide you.

      In my experience, when it comes to symbol/puppet animation flash can't touch toonboom. with decent build, I can animate with toonboom in fraction of time it would take me to do the same in flash.

      I could talk about hours how toonboom is far superior animation tool because it was built for that exact reason where as flash is a web design tool that people figured out to use it for animation.

    2. Thanks for the info. I hope to mess with it some day .awesome of you to share and I appreciate u takin the time! Youre my hero :)

    3. Flash certainly has it's advantages too. I find its simple features are great for doing animations in traditional style.