Sunday, February 24, 2013

teen-young adult

I felt like there was some limitation in having your character being a child so I aged her up to be 17-19 yr old range.


  1. cool idea.
    I really like the yellow an green outfit(Katie via Spring Break, collecting the souls of overdosed teens) and the black and grey one (her professional look) nice job!

    1. Thanks man. and thanks for an episode idea ;)
      I'm having more fun developing story now that she is older.
      Previously, the question of, "would a child do that?" was keep blocking me.

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  2. I think there is a story there after the death buy lemonade episode Kyu. Maybe she somehow survived the touch of death and has established a relationship with death through out those years. Def some stories to tell in those adolescent years. I love all of your work and character designs, your youtube channel which is mounting up to be a valuable Toonboom animation Resource, the only thing I do not like are those pointy collars. It looks like a bone used for IK or something, but that's just my humble opinion which matters not:)