Thursday, November 30, 2006

Character Books.. Big money! now I will starve..

My goodness. I never realized how much I really sucked at character design/sketches until now. I always tried to explore within myself and never researched other materials. After browsing through now I know why my characters don't look anything special.

Hmm from now on.. less food, more books.


  1. lol. see i planned ahead and started purchasing books over the summer when I actually had money :) and seeing how I only have 32 dollars to my name now i think i made a wise decision. although I still need more books but I'll get by for now. by the way that hunter design i made up in rhetoric is turning into a lot of fun to play around with.. i've spent my entire night playing around with facial expressions and poses instead of doing that storyboard assignment due on friday :S

  2. yeah, those books are great! Its helped me learn what an appealing design is. Now creating appealing designs on a daily basis... thats the tough part. :)