Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yet another school stuff.

The infamous Rocket 7

Painting assignment.
Last painting assignment turned out to be pure half-assed garbage so this time, I decided to stop worrying about the painting turning out to be mediocre. So I just did it..

She stood, with arrested muscles, outside his door, listening. There was a strange, heavy, and yet not loud noise. Her heart stood still. It was a soundless noise, yet rushing and powerful. Something huge, in violent, hushed motion. What was it? What in God's name was it? She ought to know. She felt that she knew the noise. She knew what it was. Yet she could not place it. She couldn't say what it was. And on and on it went, like a madness. Softly, frozen with anxiety and fear, she turned the door-handle.
-Excerpt from "The Rocking Horse Winner" by DH Lawrence

As you may be able to tell I only had the bottom painting in mind when I started this.


  1. hey kyu, rocket drawings looks much better than your rough! well, i guess that always happens hehehe :P As far as I know though, The final for this assignment has to have tones and values too doesnt it? Dont fret about it now, im sure you can crank out some values in the 2 hour time period or something in class.
    Your paintings look like your having as much trouble as i am trying to paint in such small requirements, and on coloured paper no less! hahahaha feckin annoying is what it really is! :P

  2. Yeah, I have to shade now. then I realized I have to finish the shading by tomorrow.. and that's valuble 2 hours I have to spend. I blame rhetoric presentation.