Friday, August 10, 2007

Korean Blockbuster D-WAR

D-War Trailer

Talks about the creation of the creatures (Korean)

So.. D-War was release in Korea on August 1, 2007 and soon to be release on September 14 in America. It's suppose to be 100% Korean CG graphics and it looks impressive. Impressive technology that is. As for the cinematography.. well, Director Shim isn't the most gifted director Korea has seen and by the looks of the trailer- as much as I'd love to promote Korea and all its awesome Korean goodness- it hurts my Korean soul little bit.

Still, I'll definitely check it out even if it kills me.


  1. 1.
    animation and vfx looks good
    though.... i know story's gonna be real disaster..

    well...i watched transformers..

  2. haha um... yeah... the minute i saw it i was like... uh... interesting... *cough* but, STILL! he tried his best~ with his own funds and all, and despite much discouragement from probably EVERYONE, i believe he succeeded in what he tried to achieve. pretty amazing guy. all for KOREA! henceforth, all koreans must unite to watch this to support korea!!! i have to disagree with cg tho... i heard it was supposed to be awesome and all that.. but... i must admit, was slightly disappointed. maybe it's the quality i saw it on. but i think HOST had better quality. [was that done by all koreans?] anyway. still looking forward to see it ^^;;;