Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hugh and Joan

Experimenting.. and warming up before beat boarding.


  1. ur girl looks really, really appealing here!!!! personally i think i would prefer if her legs were skinnier tho (referring to the post below), to match with her tiny arms, wrists & hip.. but still good designs nonetheless!

  2. Thanks for all the comments deb.
    I'm still in process of nailing down the characters' personality and the looks to match it. For Joan to be specifically, I want her to be a lot of more confident and strong looking than she appear to be in this drawing. I gave her rather thick legs before because I didn't want her to look too weak and flimsy but it does make sense to match the legs to the rest of her.

    I think I'll study more of people's strong features and try to caricature them into her.. and to Hugh as well. Right now they look kinda unoriginal and blend.