Monday, March 03, 2008

super flakes

super duper..


  1. Wow, nice color. This is the best one I have seen.

  2. i miss ur life is interesting sketches!!!

    i like the colours of ur painting...
    but not sure if it's quite right for this setting...

    lighting seems to be a little too dramatic for breakfast and happy go lucky mood...

    i'd actually like to see different variations of colour schemes and lighting.

    it's a cool exploration tho ^^

  3. Joel: Thanks alot :)

    Zila: the colour scheme wasnt exactly what I wanted but then again.. without doing any colour key thumbnails, this is inevitable.

    this isn't exploration.. its my final.. so.. yeah..

    thanks for critique. You can bet that I'll explore colours before the next painting.

  4. The sideboob shadow on the mom really pushes them forward in the composition. I like it. A lot. *right click, save..*

    Anyways, I don't get why people are critiquing the lighting though. It's what you wanted to do, so what if it doesn't fit in with the theme of it. The only thing is I think the light would continue on the fridge at a different spot instead of continuing from where it is on the wall if you know what I'm saying.

    I think the props stand out as the nicest piece of this painting though. Even though everyone had to do pretty much the same painting, it's cool to see how each person did something differently.